Sunday, March 2, 2008

Mock Interview

This week’s mock interview was slightly helpful. I realized that I do give a good interview. With a little research and preparation I can give a great interview. However I also realized that in my field this is not going to be enough to get me a job. I can be a great person, easy to talk to and have amazing ethos; however without a good or even decent portfolio there is no way I will ever get a job.

The criticism on my resume was extremely helpful, mostly because there wasn’t much criticism given. This gave me a great confidence boost. I had been really self conscious about my resume because I do not have any work experience; but now I realize that I can list my academic accomplishments and community contributions.

While listing my community contributions on my resume I have come to realized that I really do have something to show for the last few years despite the fast that there was no pay check involved. This is probably one of the largest mental hurtles that I have conquered during the last year and I know that I am only that much more self confident because of it.


Angie_R said...

Your ability to sketch is going to be a huge plus, I think. I mean, when you are competing with a ton of other people who all focus on Form-Z or something like that, you are really going to shine.

mdboy said...

I enjoyed your presentation.