Monday, March 24, 2008

Spring Break?

I don't think so. More like "Spring-try-to-fit-in-more-than-is-possible Week." Reflecting on the week of so called holiday, Torrey and I have decided to never again go anywhere for Spring Break so that it has the oportunity to be the week of vacation that it strives to be.

Our "vacation" started on Thursday, the day after I signed a new lease agreement for a new apartmen, with a five hour drive to Savanah. The drive was riddled with the normal array of short tempered disputes since both of us highly dislike travelling. Then once there I realized that I was the only person in our group that was not a member of Tiger Platoon wich ment that I was left alone quite a lot as they did practices, traditional group dinners (members only), and of course there was the parade that they lined up for at 8 AM and got finnished with by 2:30! Next year either Torrey is going by himself to this thing or I am bringing friends so that I'm not alone. After the parade, we spent a few day in Savanah but it honestly wasn't that much fun.

Monday and Tuesday we spent moving my stuff from my storage unit in Charleston to my new apartment in Clemson. (not fun) and of course since it took two days instead of the intended one b/c one of the guys that helped us decided that he had to go to the beach. So we all got in the car after loading the Uhaul and headed out towards Folly beach with my beagle, whom I might add despises car rides. Two and a half hours later we manage to get unlost and find the 47degree warm beach. After the boys and dog had their fill of froliking we returned to my mom's house (in 15 mins) where she procedded to tell me that we where not alowed to to drive that "thing" in the dark. One nights sleep, 4 hours drive and a parking ticket later we arrive at Clemson. My car tags were expired so I then spent the next day faxing documents to my mom. And of course none of this was complete without Torrey being yelled at by his mom because we got to Greenville Wednesday instead of Tuesday.

Thursday morning we boarded the plan to New Orleans. The trip to Louisiana was amazing and I got to see my family for a few hours and eat some really good food. We arrived back Sunday night to TWO apartments that were distroyed (one looking like a Uhaul had thrown up in it).

That sums up my break (minus a few parental confilcts)... man I could use a vacation!

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