Sunday, February 24, 2008


So far the class presentations have gone really well. I was really surprised at my own performance even though some of the animation on one of my slides did not work exactly as desired.

When the assignment was explained on Monday, I was really excited because I thought that it would be a great opportunity to get my documentation together for the last few weeks of studio work. Unfortunately, I received the sign-up sheet last and therefore I only had 48 hours to put this presentation together.

Last semester my class in Charleston spent at least a month developing a sleek and powerful PowerPoint presentation. This was both a great help and a great hindrance to my presentation last Wednesday. It was helpful in that I already knew exactly how I wanted to present my presentation. It was a hindrance because I had great expectations for my presentation and its quality. I was also daunted by the fact that I had already gotten the idea into my head that I would present my current project and ask for feed back.

Amazingly, I was able to deliver a presentation that was decently put together and successful. If I had been given more time to prepare I think I might have been able to better gear my presentation to the concerns of my audience. For example, I don't think I really explained which parts of the master plan that I showed would most likely be happening (if any).

Of all the presentations so far, I think the one that best addressed the needs and or view point of their audience was the presentation given about how music can help us through a bad day. The presenter's name is not on his handout, but this short presentation delivered a positive message in a time riddled with midterm exams and I appreciated that. I also really appreciated getting a free Top Gun CD! :)

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