Sunday, February 17, 2008

Cover Letter Inspiration

At first I was not very interested in reading these articles about a cover letter. I thought I understood the goal of a cover letter, to introduce yourself and your strengths. Thankfully, I did sit down and read through these articles because they bring up a very good point. The goal of a cover letter isn’t to introduce but to sell your strength in accordance to their needs. This is wonderfully helpful advice, especially to someone like me who has never been a fan of “personal advertisement” as I like to refer to the concept of selling yourself. Now however this seems like a more obtainable goal since I have something to focus on.
That being said these articles also brought to light the dire need to be proactive during a job search. A final paragraph which requests action from the reader and promises that I will take action in the event that they do not is a wonderful suggestion, and the example cover letter showed how such a thing can be written without sounding snobbish or aggressive.
I am now extremely excited about working on my cover letter and resume this week. Also, I think I have some really out of the box ideas about how to present them. Hopefully, these ideas will help me stand out in a field that is based on innovation and graphic presentation.

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