Monday, April 21, 2008

Ethics Research; The Titanic

Research on the Titanic tragedy has been a lot harder than one would think. This is mainly because there is so much public documentation on the event and the ship prior to the wreck. Newspaper articles and books written about the Titanic can be found in abundance on the Internet; however, company memos and personal correspondence within the White Star Line are nearly impossible to find. I'm sure that detailed research has been done on the correspondences with in With Star Line however this research was not easily found and you would probably have to read a detailed book to understand the investigation that followed this tragedy.

In my research with my partner we found one White Star Line memo that spoke about the removal of valuables from the bodies that were recovered. While the memo referred to people as bodies and not some disassociating term, it did dehumanize the situation by setting up a limit to how much could be recovered from the bodies by one person and the penalties if the limit was exceeded. This shocked me and makes me wonder what happened to the bodies of those who lost there lives on the Titanic. It is very possible that everyone was not identified and that there is an unmarked grave somewhere. This is very interesting to me because it is an aspect of the tragedy that I have not seen in movies or read about in books and I would be very interested to learn more about this subject and why it is so often overlooked.

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