Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Do as I say not as I do. . .

This semester's English class has not been one of my more difficult courses but there are a few hints I can leave to the next group of ENGL 304 students. First of all, blogs are easy to forget and to turn one in a day or two late (like this one) will not devastate your grade; however if all of your blogs or late it will add up in the long run and negatively affect a grade that may be teetering between letters.

The other helpful hint I can give (even though I know many people will not take this advice) is to finish your group presentation BEFORE spring break. I mean have the document written and the power point completed before heading to the beaches. I guess I should modify this advice and say before Thanksgiving break. After these holidays, this assignment is so easy that it is hard to pay attention to when you have final papers and test looming around the corner.

Bottom line is that you should try to finish all assignments as soon as possible despite their due dates. If you do this the class will be a breeze.

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