Sunday, January 27, 2008

Ten Years (Jan.27)

I foresee that the next ten years of my life will be extremely hectic. My goals for the following ten years involve getting married, starting my career as an architect, going back to school for my masters, and possibly starting a family. To achieve all of these things and retain my sanity will be a miracle. (Although, my boyfriend Torrey says that first I will need to obtain sanity.)

The first milestone for me in the next ten years will be my graduation in August. After that I plan on finding a job in a construction related field while I wait for the following May to arrive.

May 2009 is the month that Torr and I have decided to get married. He will be graduating that month and then get commissioned with the National Guard immediately afterwards. I will of coarse move with him and find a job near the base that he gets posted too.

After that plans get kind of blurry for me and Torrey. At some point I will make my way back to college in order to become a licensed architect later down the road. However, I don’t believe that I will be getting my license in the next ten years. Don’t get me wrong, I really want to be licensed, but starting a family and being with Torr are one step higher on my list of priorities.

The next ten years of my life will be focused on our family because I firmly believe that this is the strongest foundation one can lay for the rest of their life.

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