Sunday, January 27, 2008

Belated Blog (Jan. 20)

This video was extremely interesting because it highlighted the fact that not only has the internet created a whole new means of high-speed communication but it has provided us with the unique opportunity to reorganize the way the record our information. This in turn leads to billions of new opportunities with which we can connect with one another.

For the person entering the workforce these new connections mean that the fraternity of “good-ol’ boys” no longer holds the key to any one person’s success. There are even sites that were created solely to match employees to employers.

For those in the workforce it has become easier to stay in touch with the most recent developments in their fields. For example, my mom is an X-ray Tech. and she is able to learn the newest technology for her field from her couch at home. This helps her to not lose her job to techs that have recently graduated college.

Overall the idea that prevailed the most to me throughout this video was that we have to rethink the way we set up databases so that this abundance of digital information can be successfully navigated.

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